Trust Pest Solutions is a EME - Level 1 BEE Certified, Durban based company which covers Durban & surrounding areas and specializes in the control and preventative control of various pests by implementing the most practical, safe and cost effective methods and materials available ensuring that any/most treatments undertaken are to the customers satisfaction without compromise.

We probe the markets on a regular basis to acquire the latest and safest pesticides and rodenticides available ensuring that any/all treatments undertaken on our customers' premises are always effective. All pesticides and rodenticides which we use or may use are registered with the Department of Agriculture and carry a “L” registration number. All technicians are registered with the Department of Agriculture and are issued with “P” Registration number ensuring that they are adequately equipped to carry out treatments in various industries.

We also supply and service customers with a practical and cost effective range of Hygiene Equipment ensuring that a standard level of hygiene is practiced on the customers' premises protecting the staff and general public from exposure to every day germs which we frequently encounter in various areas. It is a proven fact that good Housekeeping and Hygiene programs limit the presence of common pests and germs which are why the pest control and hygiene program we implement work effectively when undertaken together on the customers' premises.